Cancellation Policy

Section 355
Right of withdrawal in the case of consumer contracts

  1. If a consumer is granted a right of cancellation by law in accordance with this provision, he is no longer bound by his declaration of intent to conclude the contract if he has cancelled it in due time. The cancellation does not have to contain any reasons and must be declared in text form or by returning the goods within two weeks; timely dispatch is sufficient to meet the deadline.
  2. The deadline shall commence at the time when the consumer has been notified in text form of a clearly structured instruction on his right of cancellation, which makes his rights clear to him in accordance with the requirements of the means of communication used, which also contains the name and address of the person to whom the cancellation is to be declared and a reference to the start of the deadline and the provision of paragraph 1 sentence 2. If the information is communicated after conclusion of the contract, the cancellation period shall be one month in deviation from paragraph 1 sentence 2. If the contract is to be concluded in writing, the period shall not begin to run until the consumer has also been provided with a contract document, the consumer’s written application or a copy of the contract document or the application. If the start of the period is disputed, the burden of proof lies with the trader.
  3. The right of cancellation expires at the latest six months after conclusion of the contract. In the case of the delivery of goods, the cancellation period shall not begin before the date of receipt by the recipient. By way of derogation from sentence 1, the right of cancellation shall not expire if the consumer has not been properly informed of his right of cancellation, nor in the case of distance contracts for financial services if the trader has not properly fulfilled his notification obligations pursuant to Section 312c (2) No. 1.